Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Some Like It Mildly Warm

As much as I hate to repeat post, Some Like It Hot is probably the one film we watched that is deserving (at least more then Pink Flamingos...).  The film is consistently rated as one of the top films every made (not just comedy) and uniquely benefits from repeat viewings.  Even mired in all the Marilyn Monroe controversy, Billy Wilder and the rest of the cast and crew pulled off a great film.
Perhaps the greatest achievement of the film and Billy Wilder's entire body of work is that English was not his first language.  He usually wrote with a writing partner, in this case with I.A.L Diamond, but he still managed to write English language dialog that is so quick and witty American audiences have a hard time keeping up.  Diamond and Wilder working together was a structure and style match made in heaven.  Wilder always praised Diamond because he "knew how the pipes [fit] together".  The film is funny but never loses its heart and that can be directly contributed to Wilder and Diamond's script.
Some of the funniest moments in American film comedy occurs between Osgood and Daphne.  Much of the comedy comes from Wilder playing with social acceptability and really pushing what he could get away with.  He made the audience uncomfortable and roll with laughter at the same time, and that is the genius of Billy Wilder... that and making Marilyn Monroe do this...

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