Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cloris Leachman

            This woman just won’t stop.  She’s done it all: comedy, drama, tv, film, beauty pageants, and Adam Sandler movies.  Versatile.   After being a finalist in the 1946 Miss America competition, she took the scholarship money she won and moved to New York to join the Actors studio.  Then she went to Hollywood and the hits started rolling out.  She’s appeared in many classic shows and movies such as Lassie, The Twilight Zone, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and Scary Movie 4. 

What’s relevant to this blog post is her work with Mel Brooks.  And the fact that she’s funny.  After all she did have her own hit show, “Phyllis”.  Back to business.  Cloris appeared in several of Brooks’ hit movies including History of the World Part I, High Anxiety and Young Frankenstein.  She created very memorable and hilarious characters in all the movies.

            Despite being born in 1926, Cloris is still kicking…and punching.  According to Steve on Broadway’s Blog, Cloris Leachman challenged Mel Brooks to three rounds in the ring in 2007.   When Young Frankenstein was being brought to the stage, Cloris expressed interest in reviving her character of Frau Blucher.  Mel turned her down, saying that he didn’t want the 81-year-old actress to die on stage.  That was a pretty rude thing to say to an award winning actress.  But it's kind of funny.  Just like Mel Brooks' movies.

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